Weekly Medium Entry 2

I think my strengths are my diversity, experiences and visual innovation. I am open-minded to take innovative approaches on my projects. For example, I would try to explore things I haven’t done in my previous projects, and I also value others’ feedback and learn about how I can improve my design work. My previous co-op experiences helped me to create design work with high quality and visual hierarchy.

2. What are your weaknesses as a communication designer?

My biggest weakness is my communication skills. I am not confidentat presenting my works and giving feedback to others.

3. Do you prefer to work alone or with others?

In my previous co-ops, I got the opportunity to work individually and as a part of the team, so I am good with either situation. However, I find that I come up with better ideas when working collaboratively, and I love to get feedback on my work from others.

4. Static? Kinetic? Interactive? All of the above?

I prefer static and interactive direction.

5. List three things that interest you beyond design?

I am interested to bake, I really enjoy the creative process of baking the treat, being able to create all sorts of different things, decorating it, experimenting with different ingredients. I tend to bake for other people, seeing a smile on their faces and hearing they actually like my treat, which makes me feel very relaxed and satisfied.

I also really like watching movies and hiking. Movies help me to experience a different world, learning new things. Hiking makes me feel relaxed, escaping from my daily work, and I could feel the green nature and fresh air.

6.What scares you the most about capstone?

I scare most about the timeline, I am not sure if the time allows me to get everything done in one semester, because I have too many things that I want to create for my capstone, I want to create branding and collateral but also an app or a website comes with the brand.

7. What excites you the most about capstone?

I am excited to create an appealing work after I have developed these skills from my classes and co-op, being able to apply them to my final work, and seeing how much I have improved from Freshman year.

8. In your own words, what are the qualities of an exceptional visual communication design?

I think an excepetional visual communication design need to work both aesthetically and functionally, which is able to tell the story from the innovative approch and solve a problem by meeting clients/users needs.



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Meiyu Dong

Meiyu Dong

Communication Design Co-op Student at University of Cincinnati